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The Center

The Center

Selected as a Clinical
Model for Care

Florida Hospital Celebration Health strives to be the global leader in health care using very advanced, faith-based health care. We use highly researched environmental design elements to ensure the highest standards for patient safety, experience and healing. This forward-thinking approach led to Celebration Health being chosen in 2010 by the Institute for Interactive Patient Care (IIPC) as its primary model for modern health care.

IIPC is a not-for-profit organization that supports re-engaging patients and families with the health care they receive. It supports quality research like we are doing at Celebration Heath and is a forum for health care leaders worldwide to share and adopt best practices to advance this goal.

Changing How Care is Delivered

As the flagship Center for Innovative Patient Care, we are a proving ground for enhancing the patient experience to improve clinical outcomes. Through research and unique relationships with our community and industry partners, we develop and standardize the best practices to achieve our vision of modern, effective health care.

Organizations who partner with the Center are as committed in their efforts to change health care delivery as we are. Together, we aim to not only improve the quality of care and patient experience, but to also lower cost. Just as important, we make sure what we learn and our best practices can be extended to any hospital. This is critical to our vision of being a global health care leader.

Hospital Design Promotes Healing

Our philosophy of treating the mind, body and spirit is woven into the heart of the Mediterranean-inspired Celebration Health. Designed in partnership with Disney, all forward-facing areas of the hospital and grounds are open, peaceful and beautifully landscaped to create a superior environment for recovery.

For instance, larger windows welcome more natural light, which is proven to speed patient recovery. Our new, state-of-the-art emergency room, complete with a children’s play area, was designed to improve the experience of the region’s large population of families seeking emergency treatment. Healing gardens, virtual concierges, insightful room layouts and the latest smart technologies built into rooms—and much more—were all included to have a positive affect on the patient healing experience and outcomes.

The back-facing areas of the hospital house the surgical and treatment areas, resulting in less patient disturbance and more efficient service.

Shaping the Future of Health Care

We took everything we learned from top health care, technology, architectural, design and wellness experts, and embraced patient rooms and the facility as significant contributors to the healing process. Today, our Center for Innovative Patient Care stands a “living laboratory” that continues to help shape the future of hospital design and superior delivery of quality, cost-effective care. IIPC plans to build a network of 10 – 12 similar centers across the country based on the work that was pioneered here at Celebration Health.