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4-D Ultrasound

4-D Ultrasound

Fri, 2013-05-31 11:03 -- flhealth

Real-time, Moving Pictures of Your Unborn Baby

One thing our parents-to-be will appreciate about Florida Hospital Celebration Health is our amazing 4-D ultrasound technology. Gone forever are the days off fuzzy images of the womb and baby that took an expert to analyze.

The incredible detail allows your doctor to monitor your baby's development like never before. Plus, the 4-D ultrasound lets you and your family bond with your unborn baby. You can actually see what he or she looks like, right down to their tiny nose, hands and feet.

4-D ultrasound better displays the anatomy of your baby so you and your doctor can see that things are progressing normally. It also acts as a precise guide for minimally invasive procedures that may need to be performed, such as biopsies. It is just one of the many new and exciting imaging technologies being used by Florida Hospital Celebration Health.

And while our technology is high-tech, our approach is very laid back and stress-free. Our imaging area takes you to the beach, complete with Adirondack chairs and beach cabanas that can be used as changing booths. You'll hear the sound of the ocean and smell the fresh ocean breeze as you await your appointment. We even use surfer shorts and a terry robe instead of those dreaded hospital gowns! See a Virtual Tour.

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